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""When Myk O'Leary puts his mind to creating anything Internet oriented, all things are possible. The creativity level of a firm at this level is unsurpassed. More sites should take advantage of capable designers and developers as they are vital resources. Blue Needle is one such resource.""

Joseph 'Joey' Lee
DatingTech Network - A mashup of Twitter,, and that allows you to browse Twitter on a mobile device, and clip tweets to your bookmark service so that you can view embedded URLS in tweets at your leisure on a screen that supports the size. - A site that allows you many ways to clean out your bookmark service’s stored bookmarks. It works with and as of now. You can search for bookmarks with particular tags, for URLS that no longer exist, and for suspected phishing and malware sites using the Google Safe Browsing API.

lilill - lilill is a Little OS X Application that makes using menubar extras fun. It is optimized for use on laptops, especially the 12" & 13" models where menubar extra space is at a premium. We believe in using menubar extras, and are frustrated when we can't see them all due to limited horizontal screen space and overly aggressive menus in applications. When you make lilill the active application, all you see is its name. No help menu, no edit or window menus. Just a simple thin name with TONS of space to see all those previously hidden menubar extras. - Chunk Love is a site to find steep discounts on Amazon. It's not a site to search Amazon for what you want while mobile, it is to find the things you didn't know you needed that you don't need to pay very much for. It is optimized for users with smaller than normal amounts of screen real estate. You can search for items that are 60%, 70%, 80%, 90% and more off of MSRP. You can also search by category. This is one of few web applications that are also optimized for the iPhone.

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